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If your not familiar with the events, they host several virtual conferences at great rates.  Did I mention that this event is FREE?  The sessions are pre-recorded and streamed online.  If the presenter is available, they will be available during the session time to address any questions that arise.  I am honored to be one of the speakers along with 3 other very well known SSAS experts.


Session Title Speaker
Intro to SSAS 2008 Marc Beacom (blog twitter)
Real-world SSAS Performance Tuning Techniques Ted Malone (blog | twitter)
Avoiding Common Analysis Services Mistakes Craig Utley (blog)
SSAS Performance Tuning and Scalability Erik Veerman (blog)

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Analysis Services 2005 Deployment Wizard – Built by Design (Bug)

We use the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard when moving our cubes from Dev to QA and then QA to Prod.  Up until this point, we have been in “Beta” meaning that we have a few developers that have access plus a few SME’s (Subject Matter Experts).  So every once in a while we would get a call from one of the SME’s saying that they no longer have access.  We would look at the Analysis Services Role in which we are granting them access via and all permissions would be cleared and set back to none.

This issue we would only see once every other month and was tough troubleshooting since we didn’t have that many SME’s hitting the system on a frequent basis and all of the developers had admin access by default.  As we got closer to “Go Live” we were making much more frequent promotions and the SME access was much more frequent.  This allowed us to better troubleshoot the access permissions and we ended up finding that one of the options on the Deployment Wizard doesn’t really do what we thought it should do.

The deployment option we would use every once in a while (again leading to tougher troubleshooting) was the “Retain roles and members”.  Per my understanding, this option should not deploy nor affect the current databases roles or membership.  However, this apparently is not the case as per this support article:

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Clearing the Analysis Services Cache

You will see this or a similar code sample when referring to clearing the analysis services cache.  However, I have yet to find a good resource that explains exactly what running an empty MDX query against a cube really is doing. 

Here is an example of code to clear the cache:

<Batch xmlns="">



            <DatabaseID>Adventure Works DW</DatabaseID>






FROM [Adventure Works]

From what I have gathered (mainly due to feedback received from Darren Gosbell, is that running the empty MDX query on a cube essentially reloads in cache all of the calculated measures, named sets, scoping, etc… which have been setup and defined in the cube.  This does not cache any data.

If anyone has a good resource or additional information, I’d love to hear about it.

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