Training is the Launching Pad for Your Success

Whether you are implementing a brand new data warehouse and business intelligence solution, adding more functionality to an existing solution, or just want to sharpen your data management skills, DawaBI offers training that can help.

Our training options can improve your understanding of data warehousing, advanced reporting, choosing the right software and developing custom apps.

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DawaBI hosts monthly webinars that anyone is free to attend. Check out the events page or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest event details.

Lunch and Learns

We host free lunch and learn sessions for organizations on topics of interest to that business or employee group. DawaBI will bring in lunch for up to 10 attendees and will present a topic. If you are interested in hosting a lunch and learn session for your organization, please send an email to

User Groups

Our team have served key roles on different user groups in the past and are involved in launching a new user group in the Denver Metro area. The group, Mile High Analytics, will focus on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence topics and will be hosted once per quarter. Visit the Mile High Analytics website and to sign up for the email list to get the latest user group news.

Custom Training

We also offer a variety of training packages, ranging from short-term training on using your existing tools, to learning how to use an entirely new data system. Whatever your need, our primary goal is to ensure that all users feel comfortable and can use the technology with proficiency and ease.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your investment in DawaBI translates to better business practices and measurable growth for your company.

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At DawaBi, we develop customized Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence training for your key team members.

Let's start talking about what your team needs to be more effective.

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