Software Development

There are times where out-of-the-box functionality of your reporting tool is not enough. DawaBI is able to create sophisticated web applications that will allow a user a far better performance and experience from, say SharePoint, integrated with reporting services.

We developed a custom frontend for one of our customers’ administrator’s portal that allowed an end user to quickly and very easily get to the needed data points, slicing the data by whichever way they wish, and provide a number of different reports and visuals that the end user then could make business decisions with.

DawaBI custom development of business intelligence software offers a customized solution that has the benefit of being adaptable to your organization’s specific needs. It can offer strong encryption to protect you from information theft. Custom software can also offer a user-friendly alternative that will reduce training time and offer data in a simple and easily understood format.

Software can be customized to:

  • Provide the needed features and functionality your end users expect and need to make quick and informed decisions
  • Simplify complex data visualizations
  • Blend the look and feel for your portal to match that of your organization
  • Build a solution that can be offered to external users
  • Integrate with other software your company is already invested in