Data Warehousing

How can you make your supply chain even more efficient? Is there an easier way to figure out customer’s buying habits and upcoming product or service needs? Is there a better way to track customer service issues and offer higher quality care? The answer is yes, through a Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

Business Intelligence focuses on gathering the raw data that’s in your data warehouse or other source systems and transforming it into meaningful and useful information for business purposes  in the form of visual analysis tools.

The visualizations can be simple reports that display or return data in a grid or can take a large amount of data and create the appropriate visual to provide insight into that data at a summarized level.

Business Intelligence also encompasses dashboards that allow an individual, such as a senior-level management staff member, to get a good gauge as far as how the business is running  and quickly measure on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis how the organization is doing.

DawaBI makes it easy and inexpensive for employees throughout your company to analyze data and make informed decisions. Advantages of Business Intelligence solutions include:

  • Analyze trends and dig deeper for insight into patterns and trends
  • Simplify collaboration and processes
  • Provides reporting of key information across the entire organization
  • Yields actionable data to decision makes in your organization
  • Is a single source for your organizations data simplifying access and availability of the data

DawaBI works closely with your organization to provide the insight you need to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.


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