Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Health Check

Just like any system, a regular review should be done to ensure it is performing as needed and will meet future growth. Overtime, as developers come and go it’s easy and typical for a system to loose it’s primary focus and efficiencies. In addition, new product versions such as SQL Server and other infrastructure tools are being released every few years that it’s tough for organizations to keep up with these releases. Part of our Health Check is to review the latest tools with your organizations needs and goals to make recommendations as to what if any improvements can be made by upgrading to the newest tool set.

We’ve designed the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Health Check just for organizations that have one of more of the following questions:

  • Are we using industry best practices?
  • Are our processes documented and widely understood?
  • Are standards and conventions used to reduce maintenance costs?
  • Is the system being utilized by our users?
  • Is auditing and logging being done to track down issues when they occur?
  • Do we have a process to handle and address data quality issues?
  • Is our environment performing as best as it could?
  • Are there other tools that could be used to increase effectiveness and use?
  • Are the best visuals being used to tell the story of your data?

This offering is a short engagement where we’ll gather answers to these questions, along with many others, and provide you with a written review of our findings.  Contact us to schedule your Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Health Check today.