Let DawaBI’s team streamline your data into a single repository. Businesses struggle when they use multiple source systems for data management, because the source systems don’t communicate or talk with one another. This makes it nearly impossible to offer reporting via multiple systems.

DawaBI simplifies the process by offering data warehousing, business intelligence, web development and training all through one key environment. Data warehousing is vital for organizations that want to centralize data and keep information in one single repository.

A centralized data environment offers the advantage of pulling the data into a warehouse and reporting across multiple systems such as your financial system, HR system, etc. holistically.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to source reports against the data warehouse
  • Alleviates stress on your core and critical systems
  • Increased performance
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower costs for maintenance
  • Single source of the truth

We follow agile methodologies where we break down larger work items into smaller more manageable items and deliver them more often.

We iterate through our development process:

  1. Define: Need, Scope and Budget
  2. Identify: Measures and Attributes
  3. Design: Architecture that will meet the business needs
  4. Develop: Database structures, ETL and reports
  5. Test: Ensure we are hitting the target
  6. Train: Technical and business staff