All ColoradoSQL user group meetings start at 5:30 p.m. and provide food and refreshments. There is no cost to attend so bring a co-worker¦or two. These events provide for great learning opportunities as well as networking with other local SQL Server professionals.



Third Tuesday

(Location has moved please see website at for more info)


Presentation 1:

Title: Smart Coding for Addressing Index Fragmentation

Rather than simply running pre-formed maintenance plans that may have unexpected results, learn to write smart code code that assess which tables have indexes that need to be rebuilt, then judiciously decide which ones to target, and optionally automate this process.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate, for both DBAs and Developers

Presentation will include.

What tables are indexed?

What columns does table X have indexed?

Are there any included columns in the indexes?

– Write scripts for judiciously rebuilding indexes based on your criteria of table size (rows or bytes) and fragmentation level.


Presenter: Paul Paiva ( blog )

Paul Paiva has 16 years’ experience with Microsoft SQL Server. He has worked in the roles of production DBA, database developer, database architect, applications developer, business intelligence and data warehouse developer, and instructor for students aspiring for MCDBA certification. He has performed numerous data migrations and supported large databases (3 Terabyte, 1+ billion rows) with high transactions. Presently he is an independent SQL Server consultant with CoCreative Solutions. He is a member of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), blogs about lessons learned from a developer’s approach to SQL Server administration, and has been the co-president of the Boulder SQL Server Users’ Group for the past three years.



Third Wednesday

Hyatt Place Garden of the Gods

503 West Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Presentation 1:

Title: Oracle for the SQL Server DBA

Are you curious about Oracle, but afraid to admit it? It is common for many DBA’s to be biased to one database platform, but it has become more and more demanding of the database administrator to manage and have a firm knowledge of more than one in many environments. This session will introduce the SQL Server DBA to Oracle in a way that will meet their day to day challenges in a multi-platform database environment. Come learn about how Oracle and SQL Server are very similar, different and how to translate common concepts in SQL Server to Oracle database administration. No prior experience in Oracle is required and important features and concepts will be covered to assist the SQL Server DBA in incorporating Oracle into their database skill set.


Presenter: Kellyn Pot’vin

Kellyn Pot’vin, (pronounced Poet-Vaughn) has been a database administrator for over eleven years, a new Oracle ACE, specializing in large database performance tuning. In the last year, she’s been working with large SSD databases and Exadata, taking advantage of the newest technology and performance tuning features. Kellyn is known for her technical blog,, and is a member of the board of directors for Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group, (RMOUG). She’s performed numerous presentations on performance tuning and written articles for various technical newsletters and Web sites, starting out as an active participant on the Oracle-L list. She currently contributes to several technical sites and publications, including ITNewsCast and OraDBPedia. Kellyn lives with her three children in Broomfield, CO, and currently is honing her technical skills at I-behavior, a marketing firm in Louisville, CO.


Presentation 2:

Title: What is the Best Disaster Recovery Solution

Case Study Get ready to work through a real world problem, we are going to spend this session reviewing a company and the challenges they faced when it comes to Disaster Recovery. Once we have a good handle on the challenges they have, we will talk through what the solution for them would be. Consider this a follow up to last month’s meeting. Take a few minutes to download and review some of the specifics on this company.

Presenter: Chris Shaw ( blog | twitter )



Third Thursday

Microsoft DTC Office

7579 Technology Way, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80237


Presentation 1:

Title: Big Data

Why is Big Data such a hot topic these days? Is there anything different at the conceptual level than what we are doing with data today? What is Microsoft’s offering in the Big Data space? Why is a guy from the SQL Server product team talking to us about noSql concepts and open source products?


Presenter: Kevin Cox ( web | twitter )

Kevin Cox has been working with databases for over 35 years and with SQL Server for more than 25 years. He is an author, lecturer and mentor in database subjects. Kevin is currently with the Microsoft SQL Server product group in the Customer Advisory Team and feels fortunate to be able to work on the largest projects around the world.