We’ve been working on this for a while now and I’m excited to announce the merger of Quanta Intelligence and DawaBI. This merger will deepen and broaden our service offering to provide more value to our customers through knowledge and expertise. With Datalere, you are not just provided a resource, you get our whole team!

Going forward, we’ll be doing business as Datalere. The name, Datalere was formed from a combination of Data and Alere. Data as anything we do will involve data and Alere which the Latin translation is ‘to care for’ or ‘tend to’. The name says it all, we are data experts and we care about your data.

Our teams have been involved in projects ranging from few hour consulting engagements to multi-year high profile projects for startups and Fortune 500 companies. The services we provide are Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Software Development, Mobile Development and Database Administration.

Customer Data is growing at an alarming rate and these days, businesses are collecting information from so many sources, it’s challenging to manage. The intelligence we can obtain from this data is endless. Whether running reports or predicting trends, it all starts with how your data is cared for.

Many of our clients have the horsepower and expertise to keep Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects in house but the data that has been compiling over the years is unhealthy. If not modeled correctly, a DW/BI project can stall or never reach its full potential. Before starting your next project, Datalere can provide you with a free data health check.

A few of the many benefits our customers have received are:

  • Insights into data that enable data-driven decision making reducing error prone manual practices
  • Reporting efficiencies of reducing reporting run times from 25 minutes to 3 seconds enabling business users to access critical data for timely decision making
  • Predictions into customer profitability or lack thereof that allow the sales team to focus on higher return potential
  • Stalled project turnaround and creating a usable solution that meets business needs
  • Team mentoring, keeping customer’s staff skills up to date and progressing

To request a free data health check and initial consultation, visit our website or give us a call, (303) 223-0248. To stay up to date with the latest at Datalere, tips and tricks, lunch and learns and more, join our mailing list.